Gift Card FAQs


Which credit cards do you accept?
VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted on our site.

Are there any extra fees when purchasing an SRC Giftcard?
No, you will only be charged for the selected amount. All giftcards purchased online are sent via email so there are no extra shipping costs.

When will my giftcard be delivered?
The giftcard will be sent at the time of purchase or on the selected date you chose.

What happens if I used the wrong email address; can I change it?
Yes, please email and provide the order number and the correct email address you wish to use.

Can I get a physical gift card sent?
We don’t send physical gift cards with online orders. If you wish to purchase a physical gift card you will need to do so from one of our restaurants, which you can find here

What is the email address that’s sending the gift card details and receipt?
Gift cards are sent from The purchaser receives the order number email, recipients will receive a gift card with the gift card numbers and registration/PIN code.


Where can I use my giftcard?
You can use your giftcard at any SRC owned restaurant. To view the full list of restaurants please click here.

How do I check my balance?
You can check your balance using this link here. If you’re unable to check, you can email for further assistance and provide the 16 digital numbers on the back of the gift card.

When does the gift card expire?
Never, our giftcards never expire.

Can I add funds to my gift card?
No, that is not an option at the moment. Instead, you would need to purchase a new giftcard.

What if I deleted the email with my gift card details in it?
We can resend the email as long as you provide the order number given to the buyer at the time of purchase. If not, you will need to provide the date, last 4 digits of your credit card that you purchase the gift card with and your contact information. Please email with your details.

Can guests utilize gift cards on special events?
No, gift cards are not valid on special events. These terms are stated on the back of the gift card.

Can guests utilize gift cards on UberEats and Doordash?
No they can’t. But they can call the restaurant to order Takeout and Curbside Pickup

Loyalty FAQ

Can I join your loyalty program?
We’re not currently accepting new members into our loyalty program; however pre-existing loyalty accounts will still be honored.

I have a Loyalty account, what does this mean?
The loyalty program can earn you points for every dollar spent at one of our locations. Every 500 points earns you a complimentary entrée. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary birthday entrée if you’ve spent at least $100 within the year of your birthday.

How do I receive my points?
Before paying your check be sure to inform your server about your loyalty account to ensure the points are added. If there are issues inputting your points the restaurant will contact us directly to ensure the points get added to your account.

Can I check how many points I have?
Yes, but you need to have an account created. Click here to register your account, afterwards you will be prompted to login, then you will be able to view your points and additional account information.

How do I redeem my points?
Let your server know you wish to redeem your complimentary entrée before you get the bill.

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