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The Legacy of David Tallichet

Founder David Tallichet was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up with a strong passion for aviation. He served in World War II as a pilot, flying over 20 combat missions during his service. Tallichet was also a visionary in the restaurant industry, opening over 100 restaurants across the nation. He established the Specialty Restaurants Corporation in 1958, now home to over 20 iconic, award-winning establishments.

Tallichet paid homage to his passion for aviation by including these themes in a few of his most notable restaurants. The Proud Bird sits along the runway of LAX and is decorated with historic aircrafts. He honored his time spent in the military by opening restaurants like 100th Bomb Group in Cleveland, Ohio, and 94th Aero Squadron in Van Nuys, California.

David Tallichet's achievements span far and wide, and he was a decorated professional at his trade. He piloted a B-17 bomber across the North Atlantic for the movie "Memphis Belle," the story about the first U.S. bomber crew to fly 25 missions over Europe during the war. In 2006, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Airpower Museum. In 2010 the Flight Test Historical Foundation hosted its first Excellence in Aviation Award at The Proud Bird Restaurant where David was honored posthumously for his service to his country and devotion to aviation. David Tallichet has been the proud owner of up to 120 planes, making him a leading collector of aircraft in his time. He has enriched aviation history for generations to come, and his legacy will live on through his generous contributions and dedication to the aviation field.

Tallichet's Treasures

National Warplane Museum, Geneseo, NY

B-17 – Memphis Belle - The Movie



Maps, Akron-Canton, OH

A26 B



D-18 DC-3 (C-47)


The Proud Bird Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

MIG -15




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